About Elyseeum

Exclusive Property Consultants in the Algarve


Located in Portugal, Elyseeum is an exclusive real estate consultancy, recognized for identifying and securing premium properties, high-value plots of land, and high-potential projects for our discerning clientele.


The essence of Elyseeum lies not just in traditional real estate consulting, but more significantly, in our role as a bespoke investment advisory service catering specifically to high-net-worth individuals. This key differentiation is deeply rooted in our expansive international network and our profound market insights, attributes that reflect the proficiency of Elyseeum's founders and associates.


Our founders have built a solid foundation over two decades in the luxury real estate sector, gaining considerable expertise in sales, construction, and property development. Additionally, they bring a rich background in financial advisory (M&A, value investing, real estate financial modeling). Their extensive knowledge offers a unique perspective on market trends and the strategic insight to guide complex real estate transactions successfully in Portugal with a particular focus on the dynamic Algarve region.


Over time, Elyseeum has established a robust portfolio of high-net-worth clients (buyers and sellers). This has been achieved through our strong alliances with international entities, including wealth management advisors, investment consultancies, and law firms. Furthermore, we've fostered strong relationships with trusted local professionals, carefully chosen for their skill and integrity, ensuring our clients consistently receive comprehensive and reliable support.


Whether you're exploring investment opportunities in residential or commercial real estate development, or considering acquiring a luxury home, Elyseeum stands ready to guide you. Given our exclusive clientele, we offer a wide array of offline products tailor-made to suit your unique needs. We invite you to contact us, and together we can unlock access to the finest real estate opportunities in Portugal and beyond.


Your journey to an exceptional real estate investment starts with Elyseeum.